Designing an exceptional Rigid Inflatable Boat on every side it’s been the starting point and the daring target which led the creative process.

As usual for project of larger boats, to achieve best possible results, for this one-off RIB the three main design areas have been committed to three different leading firms; Levi Design specialists for hull lines, Olivari Engineering for structure and composites, PMP Design for style and superstructure.

The whole building process, starting from the moulds, obtained thoroughly by CAM  milling, is made in Italy. The Cantiere Nautico Portegrandi Marina & Service shipyard, rose by the Venice lagoon and directed by the owner and long tradition shipwright Gilberto Crosera, transferred to this project all its valuable know-how and distinguished attention to detail.

Levi Design

The PMP 8punto5 hull is the result of over 60 years of expertise in designing high performance racing and leisure boats. The specific geometry allows a stunningly smooth riding in rough sea, without compromising its stability, resulting in an enjoyable, safe and super dry sailing. The efficiency of the hull is very high and it’s slightly affected by the load; this actually allows a great duration and to carry onboard a large number of passengers almost mantaining performance and consumptions level. Hull has been design to allow engines installation ranging from 200 to 600 Hp.

Olivari Engineering

The structure design of this RIB come out directly from decades of experience on racing boats design, especially in Offshore Class 1 World Championship. A racing boat mustn’t be just light, it must be at the same time exceptionally strong and safe. These performance are ideal on a leisure boat too. For this reason the hull is build using unidirectional fiberglass, High density, thick PVC and epossy resin.  Materials that, in addition to being rigid, have a high resistance to fatigue and impact.

The orientation and the grammage of the fiberglass, the thickness and the density of the core vary according to the distribution of dynamic pressure on the hull.

The internal structures follow a scheme well tested on offshore design, to ensure at the same time the resistance to pressure of the bottom and the maximum longitudinal rigidity of the hull.

The engine blocks are thick beams reinforced with laminates thickness of up to 10 mm, based on the utmost rigidity to transfer without loss the whole available power.

Superstructure too, from deck to console and driving seats, are designed to be lightweight and to help to lower the center of gravity and to improve the stability and the passage on the wave.

The moulding is made by infusion for every part of the hull and deck structures. The various parts are assembled using structural adhesives. The process, technologically sophisticated, provides the highest quality control allowing you to save every possible gram of weight.

PMP Design

A dream made real! Having designed this RIB in cooperation with Renato “Sonny” Levi, his son Martin and the architect Luca Olivari, mytes to me before I enrolled at marine engineering university, whose designs are actually masterpieces of technique and style, it’s been an incredible working experience to me.

The PMP 8punto5 is minimal and sporty. At a glance, it might seem a military or a racing boat, but the attention to every small detail, thank to the wide use of 3D CAD, the use of rich and technologically advanced components, add style and elegance to this boat.

Being a RIB owner helped me to exactly understand what are the real needs for a shipowner and, obviously his guests. As an example the deck’s layout has been designed to let you comfortably reach the large swimplatform avoiding the stunts you would suffer on different RIBs. You will appreciate this features when you get onboard or disembark, even when you are at anchor, situation in which the swimplatform become the hub of the RIB.

The bow area is characterized by a large sunbathing area, which can be converted into a dinette lifting the table. The console and driving seats are clearly racing inspired and allow the pilot and the navigator to sail safely and in comfort, even with increasing performance.

Length overall LOA8,77 m
Beam overall BOA2,68 m
Light displacement mLC2 ton
Horsepowerfrom 200 to 500 Hp
Speedup to 50 Kn
People onboardmax 10
Fuel tank250 l
Freshwater230 l
Design categoryC